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Epigenetic Testing would determine if something is wrong with your Genes 

Have you ever heard that your DNA is malleable? You might come across an article claiming massage treatment might alter your DNA. You may have heard people say that chiropractic care has the power to alter your DNA from other chiropractors. You must believe that it is a joke. Not everyone accepts it upon hearing it for the first time. However, you must have been more familiar with this strange and lovely new-age science known as epigenetics recently. 

Epigenetics: What is it? 

Epi is the Greek word for above. Consequently, epigenetics is the examination of heritable modifications independent of your DNA structure. Essentially, DNA may be changed without altering the sequence, and a few of these modifications can be handed on to the cells that make up the next generation or to children. You could consider undergoing epigenetic testing to determine if something is wrong with your genes. 

DNA is similar to a blueprint that contains protein encoding, as everyone who has attended cell biology classes is aware. In addition to performing biological tasks, proteins also give structure. But a gene can be activated or inactivated at any time. Gene’s ability to be turned on and off is regulated by epigenetic processes. Your body’s cells all share the same DNA, did you know that? Why then does a muscle cell operate and have a distinct structure from nerve cells or fat cells? It is a result of the expression or silencing of various genes by various cell types. 

DNA must be uncoiled before it can be transcribed. For the two new cells to know which genes to switch on or off during cell division, the way methylation occurs is replicated along with the DNA. 

Reasons for such changes to occur 

But why does DNA undergo these alterations initially? How could a cell decide whether or not to activate a gene? The atmosphere affects this! Receptors on the inside of the cell membrane can recognize alterations to the external environment. Through the process of signaling, this data is conveyed into the cell and modifies the DNA, turning on or off certain genes. 

Can you change your DNA? 

Since you can alter your environment, you could change your DNA. Therefore, everything you do, eat, and even believe can change how your DNA is expressed. Can chiropractic alter your DNA? Epigenetics is merely a fantastical way to explain why you can regulate your gene conveying by lifestyle choices. Health decisions made throughout pregnancy will also have an impact on your newborn. Negative life decisions can have a significant impact on not only us but also our children. 

To conclude 

However, just because you might be genetically predisposed to any sickness does not mean you will have any condition. Your health matters, so take care of it. Your genes did not make you who you are. 



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