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How Much Does someone Experience During HBOT Treatment?

HBOT could be a non-invasive, completely painless, totally safe procedure.

Every HBOT treatment session you’ve should be completely comfortable. HBOT chambers have a very padded table inside, so that you can you’ll be able to lie lower. These chambers are adequately sized to wind lower and get comfortable in. Really, many people go to sleep during HOBT treatment! If you can’t sleep, strategies that settled to music, view tv, and focus.

Plus, you’ll be in constant mention of medical staff inside the HBOT clinic. Since HBOT chambers are transparent, you will not feel claustrophobic, along with the staff can help you whole time. If you want to see together inside your treatment session, it is possible to make this happen.

Inside your HBOT treatment session, you won’t feel much. However, whenever you progress while using session, you’ll experience certain sensations.

In the beginning of the HBOT treatment, pressure within the chamber will progressively begin to build. It is a process known as “compression”, and through it, you might feel exactly the same you have to do when you are within the plane that takes off. Many individuals feel just a little pressure in their ears, and thus, your ears will “pop”.

Since this is this sort of common feeling, the medical staff within the HBOT clinic will disclose a couple of techniques to alleviate your ear pressure before your treatment begins.

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Since the HBOT treatment session progresses along with the pressure is continually increase, the chamber will progressively get warmer. However, each chamber is outfitted with ac, so you’ll not be worried about overheating.

When the chamber reaches the very best quantity of pressure, any ear discomfort stop along with the temperature inside will level off. Heat stop building when the pressure stops growing.

In your treatment, inhaling the pure oxygen will feel much like inhaling oxygen within the normal atmosphere. You won’t be worried about any nasal or throat discomfort.


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